End of Season One

Episode Transcription:

Bob Bannon:

Ok, Trac , let’s check your levels

Trac Bannon:

Check 1-2, Check 1-2, Season 1 Episode 20, Check 1-2

Bob Bannon:

Ok, levels sound great; make sure you are set to record individual tracks

Trac Bannon:

Roger, got it.

Bob Bannon:

Ok, I’ll fade out and see you kids later, have fun 

Trac Bannon: 

Thanks, Senior

That’s how most recording sessions for the Real Technologists podcast start.  My recording engineer checks the audio levels for me and my guest.   I want to back you up just a few moments, though.  Senior usually opens up the zoom bridge; he knows that I am often scheduled back to back and will arrive just-in-time.

With rare exception, Senior is always first on the line to greet the guest.  In fact,  I’ve had a few guests join early just to chat with him.  I suppose it is because like each and every guest on Real Technologists, Senior is authentic.  

During Season one, a few characteristics have started to emerge with this wildly diverse set of alumni.  I’ve mentioned authenticity but how about lucky?  To be honest, I don’t believe in luck.  I believe in Senior’s definition:  Luck is when preparedness and opportunity meet.   Each of my guests had moments when a door opened and they walked through.  At times they didn’t feel prepared and still they said yes.  

Perhaps that’s why so many have felt at times that they lacked what the role needed… that they were posers or imposters.  Amazing to think how many of these digital disruptors sometimes doubted themselves.  

They don’t quit, though.  They have a certain stick-to-it-ness… a real grit…

A few of the alumni shared the stress of working in tech… the coping mechanisms…when mixed with the prevalence of alcohol in the industry, it is amazing that at least two guests have shared their story and the need for us all to normalize sobriety.

This first season has brought me tears and belly laughs, inspiration and awe.  It’s given me an opportunity to consider my own journey and what motivated me to start #Real Technologists.  

What will Season 2 bring?  Well, we already started production and it keeps happening… guests showing up early to talk to Senior…Apologies to John Kaufhold for being one of those rare exceptions when Bob couldn’t join.  Without silent time queues from Senior, I kept this artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data science expert on for over two hours.  OOPSIE! 

I had an awesome chat with  Julie Holdren from Wateringhole AI and dug deep with Jess Szmajda

Bob Bannon: 

Hey Trac,  its “schm-eye-da”

Trac Bannon:

“schm-eye-da”, okay, thanks Senior

Jess Szmajda from AWS is also a part  of season 2.   Without giving you a spoiler, I can say without a doubt that season 2 of Real Technologists will give you, Something to noodle on.